An AMAZING STEM opportunity for your students!

Earlier this year we made the decision, per the feedback from teachers and parents across the country, to focus on creating high-quality, play-based STEM options among our offerings. This fall we launched Professor Qwbli's Silly Science after-school program, which has become our most sought after program. Shortly after, we introduced the Silly Science Assembly and most recently, the STEM Brain-Boosting Fun Pack.

Over the past several months we have been working with our contributing science teachers to create a screen-free game-based after-school program and we are excited to announce our new STEM Pilot!

We are looking for 10 schools to participate in the pilot this Winter/Spring between January-May. The goals of this pilot program are to: 

  • play-test games that will lead to the final selection of games for the program
  • explore game adaptations in order to differentiate between grade levels
  • explore three potential staffing options (more below)

Participating schools will receive:

  • 6-8 week play-based STEM after-school program
  • All the games used in the pilot for the school's game library
  • FREE STEM Family Game Night* this Winter/Spring to coinside with the pilot
  • FREE Family Game Night/Parent Institute Dual Event for the 2017-2018 school year

*if you choose to turn this event into a FUN(d)raiser, we guarantee that you will recoup the entire cost of the pilot. If not, we will cut you a check for the difference.

Tentative Program Description
Our STEM-based after-school program helps develop critical thinking, reasoning, investigative and creative skills while increasing science & math literacy and fluency and inspiring a generation of innovators.

Our Contributing Science Teachers have developed a dynamic screen-free game-based curriculum that will spark your students' curiosity, help them better understand the world around them and inspire them to become tomorrow's leading scientists, engineers and mathematicians in setting that is out of this world fun!

Grades: K - 2 and/or 2nd - 8th
Duration: 6 - 8 weeks, 1.5 - 2 hours once a week
Minimum Number of Students: 6
Maximum Number of Students: 20
Regular Program Cost: $2,250 - $3,000 per program
Pilot Cost: $850 or $1,200 for both

ENROLLMENT DEADLINE: Monday, October 17th


  • Teacher Staffed - we would employ a teacher or two from your school to run the program. Full training provided.
  • Parent Staffed - we would look to your PTA/PTO to run the program with the intent of getting parents involved with the school in meaningful ways
  • Play With Purpose Staffed

Enrollment for our pilot in the fall of 2013 (20 schools), booked within three days, so while the Enrollment Deadline is October 17th, we expect the spots to be filled by this Friday. 

If you would like to bring this exciting opportunity to your school, enroll below. We will reach out to those schools enrolled the week of October 17th to discuss details, promotion and scheduling.

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