3 Important Reasons Why Parental Involvement is Critical for Students, Parents and Schools

  • Parents who are actively involved in their child’s school are more responsive and sensitive to their children's social, emotional, and intellectual developmental needs.
    • Parents who are more involved are more confident in their parenting and decision-making skills.
    • Parents gain more knowledge of child development through their involvement with their child’s school and there is more use of affection and positive reinforcement and less punishment on their children.
  • Schools that actively involve parents and the community tend to establish better reputations in the community and experience better community support.
    • Schools with stronger neighborhood and community support tend to have higher quality programs, teachers, administrators and enrichment opportunities than do schools which lack that community support
  • Children whose parent or parents are actively involved in their child’s school achieve more, have better grades, have test scores and better attendance REGARDLESS of ethnic or racial background, socioeconomic status, or parents' education level.

This Program Includes:

  • Parent Institute for your parents

Our most sought after event since its launch in late 2013, The Play With Purpose Parent Institute is a 3-hour event designed to help parents understand the benefits of play, discover new ways to connect as a family, strengthen their children’s academic weaknesses and learn how to establish a “healthy brain” environment in their home via screen-free games. This is truly a remarkable evening!

  • Family Game Night for your families

Nobody does a Family Game Night like The Play With Purpose Initiative - NOBODY! This has been our most popular event since the inception of the company. Other than promoting the event to your community and providing the space, the rest is left up to us and we promise that our Family Game Night will be one of the most talked about events of the year! 

You will be hearing a lot about The Play With Purpose Initiative in the years to come. Bring them in to facilitate a family game night at your school and experience the energy, excitement and passion first-hand. You won’t believe how engaged the families are in the games! Truly one of the best nights of the year!
— Steve Venterri - Principal
The Play With Purpose Initiative’s Family Game Night is an absolute no-brainer! Simply the best night of the year! I can’t wait to have them back! This is a special company.
— Sol Erickson - Teacher
  • Fun With Math Night for your families hosted by Play With Purpose
  • Family Literacy Night for your families hosted by Play With Purpose
  • 4 Brain-Boosting Fun Packs

Play With Purpose will help get the most out of our Brain-Boosting Fun Packs, including helping you organize, promote and run the included tournaments that are sure to become an annual events! These tournaments can be facilitated in the classroom, during indoor recess, during lunch periods, after-school or even as a special events!



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