SHHH! Don't Tell Them!

Students have been in school all day. We just want our students to come in and have fun, laugh and simply have a blast with their peers - they don’t need to know that they are developing important skills that will lead them to a lifetime of success! Shhhh, don’t tell them!

Our Programs

  • Young Inventor Workshop
  • Young Authors Workshop
  • Sharp As A Tack
    • Tic Tacks (Pre-K)
    • Thumb Tacks (1-2)
    • Push Pins (3rd-8th)
  • Gifted Program (2nd-8th)
  • rise & SHINE! (K-8)
  • Sharp Leaders (6th-12th)


Play With Purpose’s Spring Break, Summer & Day-Off Camps offer unique opportunities for students to develop their cognitive abilities, as well as motor functions and important life skills such as patience, cooperation, concentration, teamwork, perseverance and leadership in a setting that is just plain fun!

Your child will have a blast exploring games from around the world on

  • Mindbending Mondays
  • Treasure Island Tuesdays
  • Wild Animal Wednesdays
  • Think Big Thursdays
  • Funtastic Fridays 

or other themed days our team of educators has developed!

Contact Jason Pine at to bring our after-school programs and/or camps to your school or community.


The six to twelve week Young Inventor Workshop was designed to help students imagine, design, test, and create their own toy or game inventions and to engage them in a positive and challenging endeavor that will help develop cognitive abilities, such as creativity and problem solving.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Play With Purpose, through the Young Inventor Workshop, will then provide a means of taking the students’ inventions to even greater heights, with professional critiques from our industry experts and the opportunity to show their work off to the public, toy industry and members of the press!

Who knows... you might see their creations at Target the next holiday season!

Students will work with The PWP Initiative instructors and award-winning game inventors through our process of: IMAGINE, BRAINSTORMING, THE IDEA, THE PROTOTYPE, TESTING, leading up the BIG REVEAL, where students will pitch their games to their peers, teachers, parents, game representatives and even the media!

*The students retain all rights to their creations and intellectual property.

The six to twelve week Young Authors Workshop features our unique curriculum that uses screen-free game play to stimulate the creative process, spark creativity and thought, then turn those sparks into amazing written works of art!

Students in our Young Authors Workshops have created: poems, songs, drawings, picture books, character profiles, press releases, essays, short stories, even a screen-play! One student re-wrote the rules to one of the games we used in the workshop and sent them to the company!



As with our other programs, the Tic Tack curriculum focuses on Cognitive Processing Speed (CPS) and Thinking Skills. However, this program caters more to the students' developmental needs at that age. Therefore, this program is heavily weighted in attention and focus skills, sensory integration, cooperation, teamwork, perseverance and other socio-emotional skills.

THUMB TACKS (Grades 1-2)

One of the two main components of all our student programs is Cognitive Processing Speed (CPS). This is even more evident in our 1-2 curriculum as Play With Purpose helps students process information more quickly, more efficiently and more importantly, make better decisions based off of how they process that information.

The other main component of our student programs is Thinking Skills. Students at the Thumb Tack level are not quite developmentally ready for the Thinking Skills curriculum we have developed for Third through Eighth Graders. It is challenging to find games that allow us to introduce these thinking skills at this age; however, our team works with game companies from around the world to find solutions. We have put together an amazing collection of games and modifications that that our students LOVE, which allows us to accomplish our goals 

In addition to CPS and laying the foundation for more advanced Thinking Skills, the Thumb Tack curriculum has a greater emphasis on Attention & Focus, Sensory Integration and Memory.

Despite these fancy cognitive terms, this program is just plain fun for the students. Watching them laugh, giggle and have fun with their classmates is simply a joy to experience!


PWP's third through eighth grade curriculum features the two main components of our student programs - Cognitive Processing Speed (CPS) and Thinking Skills. The ability to process information quickly and efficiently is crucial to a student's success in and out of the classroom. This, coupled with their ability to think and reason, gives them an amazing ability to thrive throughout their lifetime.

The Push Pin curriculum helps students develop these abilities in a setting that is safe, nurturing and just plain fun! We have put together an amazing collection of games that allows students to develop their logic, deductive reasoning, planning and sequencing, rationalizing and decision making abilities.

It is within this Push Pin level that our Intrapersonal Skills and Life Skills focus shines through. Self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, perseverance, cooperation, teamwork and leadership skills are also essential to our students' lifetime of successes. The PWP curriculum empowers students and helps them develop leadership abilities, as well as understand how and when to lead and the ability to do so with grace and dignity.


The Sharp Leaders program was created to help students develop communication and leadership skills but more importantly, helping them understand what it means to lead, when to lead and how to lead with dignity and grace.


The Sharp Mind Lab was specifically designed to help students with their SAT & ACT scores, focusing mainly on Thinking Skills, and even more specifically on Logic, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving and Deductive Reasoning.


PWP’s Before-School Program is designed to get students ready to learn! Our unique combination of movement and challenge education gets students’ MINDS & BODIES ready to begin the day in school with energy and alertness!


Since the founding of Play With Purpose, the gifted community has taken to our mission. You will often see us at state and national gifted conferences and events. We will work with your gifted education teachers to design a play-based enrichment program to fit the specific needs of your gifted students.


The PWP Initiative has an extensive background working with Special Need students. Having dedicated s lot of his life honoring the memory of his best friend, who had Downs Syndrome, our work with Special Need students is very dear to our founder, Jason Pine. We will work with your Special Need teachers to design a play-based enrichment program to fit the specific needs of your Special Need students.


Looking for something specifically to strengthen test scores, math skills, and language arts? We will work with you to develop a play-based enrichment program that is best suited to your school’s particular needs.