Each Fun Pack Includes:

  • 6 Games
  • Tournament Curriculum
  • Tournament Scoreboards
  • Finalists Certificates
  • LIVE Peer Support Webinars 
  • Email & Phone Support
  • Fun Pack Organizational Binder

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Our Brain-Boosting Fun Packs have been such a huge hit that we are currently SOLD OUT! But we are restocking and creating NEW ones per your request!


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As this school years seeing us placing more emphasis on science, including our latest after-school program, Professor Qwbli's Silly Science, it only makes sense we should offer a STEM Brain-Boosting Fun Pack! It took your feedback over the past two days to make that happen - and we responded quickly! 

We have no doubt that our NEW STEM Brain-Boosting Fun Pack will become our most popular pack!

Available in a K- 2nd Grade Version & 2nd-8th Grade Version.


These will not last more than a few days, so place your order today!

Shipping November 1st

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The W's of our Play With Purpose Brain-Boosting Fun Packs (Besides the Win-Win for all) 

Who? Honestly, everyone. More specifically, teachers, librarians, families, homeschoolers and therapists. They are even great for company outings or retreats! Play With Purpose will help you get the most out of our Brain-Boosting Fun Packs. The included tournaments are sure to become annual events! We help you every step of the way by providing the curriculum, games, training, promotional materials and support. You look like the superstar!

Their SET, Bananagrams & Blink Tournaments were HUGE hits at our school. Our students have been begging us for more, so we are extremely excited about Play With Purposeā€™s NEW Brain-Boosting Fun Packs!
— Meg Hosmorr, Gifted Teacher

What? Where? When? These have become our most sought after game product (see list of offerings) and can be used in the classroom, after-school programs, at recess, during lunch, at special event or fundraiser or at school or public libraries. 

Why? Because learning and playing are fun! duh! They are like peas and carrots and there is no better way to learn than through play! The included Enrichment Tournaments were designed to help students increase their cognitive processing speed, strengthen their thinking & reasoning skills and sharpen their attention & focus in a setting that is safe, nurturing and, most importantly, fun! No one has to know that an increase in brain function is a side effect of fun! You'll see it though. You'll be truly amazed by the energy these events bring to your school or library.

Why again? To make things even more fun, we are organizing Play With Purpose National Championships for several of our Enrichment Tournaments, where individual school or classroom winners will compete online for the right to be called NATIONAL CHAMP

Bonus Why? Going back to our win-win theory of fun; every single person benefits from these Brain-Boosting Fun Packs. Any time our brains are made sharper through fun, students, teachers, entire school communities and even parents win. That's pretty awesome considering having a blast while learning is truly priceless!