Shhhh, don’t tell them!

Our play-based after-school programs uses screen-free games to build, strengthen and develop the EMOTIONAL, AFFECTIVE, PHYSICAL, ATTENTION, LANGUAGE, SOCIAL & COGNITIVE abilities of students that will lead to a lifetime of successes in the classroom, in the community and within their families.

Students have been in school all day; they don't need more worksheets or homework. We want our students to come in and have fun, laugh and simply have a blast with their peers. They don’t need to know that they are developing important skills that will lead them to a lifetime of success while they play! Shhhh, don’t tell them!

While each game in our curriculum was chosen by our network of teachers across the country to increase cognitive processing speed and develop thinking skills, they also help develop attention & focus, sensory integration, social skills, communication skills, perseverance, grit and leadership skills.

2016-2017 Play With Purpose Enrichment Programs:


  • Sharp As A Tack
  • Professor Qwbli's Silly Science
  • Young Inventor Workshop
  • Young Authors Workshop 
  • 7 ATE 9
  • Social Emotional Learning
  • Student Leadership
  • ESL
  • Special Needs


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Program Descriptions

Professor Qwbli’s Silly Science centers around the basic human motivator of understanding WHY. Why did that happen? How does this work? Curiosity about the world around us, about what makes it and us tick is at the foundation of invention & creativity. 

Silly Science will help students not only satisfy some of their natural yearning to understand WHY, but also create a passion for science.

We have a bunch of silly, whacky, super cool experiments that will inspire your child and leave them thirsting for more.

Grades: 2nd - 8th

The six to twelve week Young Inventor Workshop was designed to help students imagine, design, test, and create their own toy or game inventions and to engage them in a positive and challenging endeavor that will help develop cognitive abilities, such as creativity and problem solving.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! Play With Purpose, through the Young Inventor Workshop, will then provide a means of taking the students’ inventions to even greater heights, with professional critiques from our industry experts and the opportunity to show their work off to the public, toy industry and members of the press!

Who knows... you might see their creations at Target the next holiday season!

Students will work with PWP instructors and award-winning game inventors through our process of: IMAGINE, BRAINSTORMING, THE IDEA, THE PROTOTYPE, TESTING, leading up the BIG REVEAL, where students will pitch their games to their peers, teachers, parents, game representatives and even the media!

*The students retain all rights to their creations and intellectual property.

Grades: 2nd - 8th

The six to twelve week Young Authors Workshop features our unique curriculum that uses screen-free game play to stimulate the creative process, spark creativity and thought, then turn those sparks into amazing written works of art!

Students in our Young Authors Workshops have created: poems, songs, drawings, picture books, character profiles, press releases, essays, short stories, even a screen-play! One student re-wrote the rules to one of the games we used in the workshop and sent them to the company!

Grades: K - 8th

Why was six afraid of seven? Because 7 Ate 9 of course! Our 7 Ate 9 program differs from our Play With Purpose program, only in that we exclusively use games that have mathematical implications.

While playing and having a blast with their peers, our Contributing Teachers have put together an amazing collection of games to boost your students' math fluency. From the basic math operations, to mental math, to geometry, to logic and reasoning, our 7 Ate 9 program will get your child excited about math without even knowing it!

Grades: K - 8th

Sharp As A Tack

For students, which sounds like more fun after school: sitting doing worksheets or playing, laughing and having a blast with your peers? Hmm, I'll pick the latter!

For parents, what could be better than seeing your child play, laugh & frolic? How about if that play helped influence their reading, writing and math fluency? How about if that play led to more efficient thinking and learning? How about if that play enhanced their self-confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, perseverance, grit, as well as help them to build, strengthen & develop cooperation, life, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership skills in a high energy, positive, safe, nurturing environment.

That'd be better right? That is exactly what our Play With Purpose program is all about! While your child is having a blast playing, they are increasing theircognitive processing speed, enhancing their thinking skills and sharpening their focus, attention and memory. Yeah, we know. PLAY is a very powerful thing!

Grades: K - 8th

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